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Who Should Join?

How to Join?


As a rule of thumb, websites are both an aesthetical medium and a tool for spreading the good news, whether it's sharing our God given talents or openly expressing our faith.

This call for selflessness should be your motivation to join, not to gain popularity.



Copy and paste the following example html to your home page. Style accordingly. The footer is a good spot.

<div><a href="https://heaventree.xyz/prev">&xlarr;</a>
<a href="https://heaventree.xyz">&#x1F332;</a>
<a href="https://heaventree.xyz/next">&xrarr;</a></div>

You need these three links to join. You could also include: https://heaventree.xyz/rand which redirects to a random website in the ring.

Please describe where these links are located on your end and ensure you meet all the requirements.

At this point, you can submit a pull request here.

You could also just fill out the form below. To prevent spam, you can only submit an application once a day. Please double check before you send.

If you have any questions, ask them in the xmpp muc.