About The Heaven Tree Platform

Through a tree we were enslaved, and through the holy Cross have we been set free.

Our Mission

Heaven Tree serves to proclaim Christ is King on the world wide web. It's for men who're drawn to sincere Christianity and share a common interest in technology.

By men who're drawn to sincere Christianity, we mean those who seek duties and responsibilities such as abstaining from and repenting of sin, praying meditatively, following an intellectual tradition and above all else working towards or living out the vocation of marriage to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. With the additional interest in tech, this covers a narrow range of Eastern Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants.

If you're seeking any of the following, go elsewhere.

How Membership Works

Anyone can join the Heaven Tree platform given they have received an invitation from an existing member in real life or from the admin/owner. Cold-call requests for membership are treated with utmost caution because of infiltration concerns. Prepare for a conversational interview over mumble (link below) if you're in this camp.

Membership Perks

Membership Expectations

The administration reserves the right to remove you from the platform at their discretion if you exceedingly fail to uphold these expectations.

Anyone who requests an invitation to give to a new member is vouching for that new member and may suffer consequences if that user breaks platform rules. Consequences include:

Discussion Channels