Heaven Tree Webring

An invite-only network for Christian men of goodwill. Christ is King!

Tom Michael Carney Caleb Noelke
Jacob Smith Michael C Dimopoulos Brett Lindler
Harvey Mateus Melo Ray Patrick
Joshua Garner Jacob McCormick Aksel Satrom
Max Troeger Gabriel mb
George Patrick Saint Maximilian Patterson
Serafeim Romanus Brady's Site Stefan
Galladite Tyler McKee Brandon
Ex Lucas Campbell Vilyaem
Tejano Bryce


What's a "webring"?

A webring is a collection of websites, usually grouped by a topic, so people can find websites with similar content easily. They were popular in the 90s due to bad search engines. Now they’re niche.

What's this about - What are your principles?

Please read more about our mission here.

Can I subscribe to all websites at once?

Yes, download the OPML file and import it into your RSS reader to subscribe to all listed sites in one go.

Why are some members crossed out?

When the site does not respond with a status 200 code, the member's site is marked as invalid and skipped in the ring. If you're a member and you think you're marked as invalid by mistake, please contact the administration.

How can I leave a tip?

Please leave a tip in Monero (QR).