Welcome to the Heaven Tree webring, a group of system administrators who are brothers in Christ. Listed below are their sites.

  1. Tom Fasano
  2. Michael Carney
  3. Luke Bubar
  4. Caleb Noelke
  5. Stephen's Homepage
  6. Jacob Smith
  7. Beefy Capo
  8. Michael C. Dimopoulos
  9. Alexander
  10. Brett's Blog
  11. Harvey
  12. Mateus Melo
  13. Ray Patrick
  14. Joshua Garner
  15. Roman Wojciechowski
  16. Jacob McCormick
  17. Aksel
  18. Max Troeger
  19. Tejano Life
  20. Martin Kolesnikov
  21. Gabriel

We use the Internet with modesty and sparingness and believe everyone needs a life outside of it. We seek out solutions to the problems the Internet has given us through prayer. This is why we make an appeal to Heaven.

More specifically, this is a group of Catholics, Orthodox and other denominations who have meaningful discussions about theology, cosmology, philosophy, and the day-to-day experiences we have in the real world.