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Response to Asimov's 'Cult of Ignorance'

For a January 1980 edition of Newsweek, Isaac Asimov submitted an essay called Cult of Ignorance. You can read it here or build a PDF of it by running: curl | pandoc -o cult-of-ignorance.pdf Due to its acer…

via Ray Patrick September 22, 2023

Culture of Complainers

The other week I wrote an article that summed up my thoughts about the Republican debate from last week but for some reason I felt like I shouldn’t publish it. It wasn’t the first time I’ve chosen not to publish an article after writing it, but this is defini…

via Jacob's Unnamed Blog September 21, 2023

Never Confuse Freedom and License

Is there any concept more misunderstood than freedom? And, more to the point, freedom, in our modern degenerate sense, appears to be little more than license which is not a good. License, in short, is the undisciplined abuse of freedom, or even the abuse o…

via Brett's Website September 1, 2023

Eroding nations

We are living through an era where everything has been severely relativized, and morals have been the ground where we suffered the most. No one can distinguish between good and evil: by taking the relativist stance, one denies that there is truth. In this ha…

via Homepage on dd August 31, 2023

New GPG Key

Just a quick little update. I recently replaced my GPG key pair. You can find my new public key on my contact page.

via The Extramundane August 22, 2023

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