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Digital Autonomy & The Arts with Hunter Stabler

Thrilled to have had an excellent conversation with Hunter Stabler about digital autonomy and the arts. We spoke about many different topics, ranging from Free Software, community, and the broader impact of social media. It was a pleasure to connect with …

via Libre Solutions Network February 18, 2024

Using a Dot Matrix Printer in 2024

Modern printers suck. They’re either overpriced, unreliable, ink/toner hogs, or a combination of all 3. Inkjet printers are cheap, have a good picture quality, and can print on many surfaces. However, they are also very unreliable and usually don’t last over …

via Bryce Vandegrift's Website February 14, 2024

Blessed to Give

When I was young, I was surrounded by very strong opinions when it came to giving money to beggars. It seemed that most of the adults in my life at that time all had a philosophy that was more-or-less the same, which boiled down to something like this: “I…

via Lucas' Website February 14, 2024

Non-linear Progress

Non-Linear Progress One of the things I’m trying to do here is illustrate my challenges of getting better from this point in hopes of helping other far-gone individuals. Undoing damage is not gratifying at all, at least not in the early stages I’m in. It’s…

via Gabe Rocks! February 8, 2024

Learn from Books: Don't rely on the internet

So I’ve finally decided to get into 3D printing. Because I’ve gotten into 3D printing I’ve decided that I need to learn how to use some 3D modeling software so that I am equipped to make my own designs and solve my own problems. The thing that a person in my…

via Jacob's Unnamed Blog February 1, 2024

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