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American Anarchy and SI Simplicity

My personal views on the subject of US metrication have changed recently. I used to have the knee-jerk reaction that “It works for us, so leave me alone with your commie globalist nonsense.” Then, my view shifted to “I can see why it would be nice for us …

via Ray Patrick February 2, 2023

Truck Update #2

More successes than ever before and only one big disappointment for today. Vacuum Problem Solved! It has nagged me ever since I bought a vacuum gauge that the motor wouldn’t pull more than 15 inches at a reasonable idle. I came across this article which exp…

via Brett's Website January 30, 2023

The Solution to an AI Dominated Internet: Turn to Books Instead

Nearly two years ago I wrote an article titled "Whose Jobs will be Taken by Computers?" where I made a comment suggesting that Buzzfeed would let AI do the work of their human staff once it they realized that much of th…

via Jacob's Unnamed Blog January 30, 2023

Artisanal Webpages

Even when using a metasearch engine like SearXNG, you’ve probably noticed that search engines have become increasingly unhelpful. Results are generally curated social media posts or algorithmically assembled garbage. In the past month, I’ve h…

via Max's Webpage January 27, 2023

Personal Homepages are really cool

Personal Homepages are really cool Most browsers support some kind of custom home page that’s easily accessible at the press of a button, even on mobile. I love bookmarks, they’re a vital part of how I browse the web on firefox. Sadly, I find I don’t have…

via Gabe Rocks! January 20, 2023

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